Transwoman and convicted pedophile identifies as a 5 year old girl and asks to be called “she” in court. Are there any laws that prevent him from claiming trans status and legally changing gender and name? Nope.

Paedophile who kissed a child insists he’s a five-year-old girl and brought doll to court

Jorven Seren has been jailed for 15 months (Picture: National)

Transwoman accused of rape violently misgendered in press.


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Alexander Doering and Jeremiah Horsfall-Steinbrenner of Frontenac Missouri have been accused of luring a woman to their home under the false pretense of repairing her computer, threatening her with torture and then raping her and recording a video of her rape.

One of the accused rapists is identified in the press as a man named Alexander Doering. This appears to be a gross violation of Doering’s gender identity. Alyssa Renée Horsfall-Steinbrenner is on Facebook and identifies themselves as “she”, living in Frontenac Missouri and “In a relationship with Jeremy Horsfall-Steinbrenner“.


Above photo from Alyssa Renée Horsfall-Steinbrenner‘s public Facebook page

It appears that the press has both dead named and violently misgendered Alyssa Renée Horsfall-Steinbrenner by referring to them as a man called Alexander Doering as can be seen in here:

“Alexander Doering and Jeremiah Horsfall-Steinbrenner recorded the attack at their trailer in Frontenac after the woman was taken there “under false pretenses,” she told police, according to the Post-Dispatch.

The woman had gone to their trailer to get her computer fixed, according to the newspaper. Doering and Horsfall-Steinbrenner threatened to torture her if she didn’t have sex with them, she reportedly told police.

As they threatened her, they showed her handcuffs, a pitcher of water and a towel, according to the charges obtained by the newspaper.

The suspects also allegedly changed the password on the woman’s phone.

Doering recorded the brutal attack on Horsfall-Steinbrenner’s phone, the paper reported. She got away from the men when they feel asleep.”

What a tragedy, another violent rapist misgendered and dead named in the press.

Man poisons female room mate, tries to murder two men while in prison and decides to transition to be a “woman” in jail.

Edward Latham, also known as Edward Adam Brown, was first received a life sentence for attempting to poison and kill his female room mate with mercury in 2001.  In 2007, he received another life sentence after trying to kill another prisoner at HMP Frankland in County Durham and in 2011 he was given another life sentence for trying to kill a fellow prisoner by stabbing him in the neck while being held at Rampton, a secure psychiatric hospital in north Nottinghamshire.

In the summer of 2015, Lathan decided to become a “woman” and changed his name to Joanne Latham. Latham was housed in a close supervision centre (CSC) in a unit for men as there are not any CSC units for women. In November of 2015, Latham committed suicide while in prison and was used as “proof” by some trans activists as to why men who ID as women should be housed with women.

This page feels that all prisoners should be safely housed while in prison and be free from abuse but utterly disagrees that violent men should be allowed to change legal gender marker and name nor should they be housed with incarcerated women..

Transwoman stabs sports official for knowing that transwomen are men


Former British Women’s Fell Running Champion Lauren Jeska confessed in court today to committing a vicious premeditated triple stabbing attack on British sports authorities last March at Alexander Stadium.

“Women athlete who tried to murder sports official was transgender and facing review into medals”, reports the UK Mirror Online:

“Sean Kyne, District Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Lauren Jeska had a disagreement with British Athletics officials which escalated and rather than resolve the matter through the appropriate channels, she armed herself with a number of knives, drove from her home in Wales to Birmingham and launched a premeditated and savage attack on the victim which resulted in the victim and his colleagues sustaining a number of life threatening injuries.”


“Fell Runner Lauren Jeska tried to kill British athletics official because she feared the body would revoke her titles over transgender status” The Telegraph reports:

“Lauren Jeska, 42, admitted attempting to murder former professional rugby player Ralph Knibbs, 51, during a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday. 

It is understood a review was being planned into her status as a female athlete because she had been born a man. Her titles could have been in doubt if UK Athletics ruled that she had had an unfair advantage while competing against women, sources suggested.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and West Midlands Police confirmed Jeska was a transgender athlete after the hearing.

She also admitted two counts of having a knife in a public place and two of assault causing actual bodily harm.

On March 22, Jeska, from Machynlleth, Powys, drove from her home in Wales to the British Athletic headquarters in Perry Barr, Birmingham, armed with a number of knives.

A CPS spokesman said: “The defendant entered their offices and asked to speak to the victim.

“She was asked to wait in reception, however, Jeska walked into the open plan office and attacked the victim and stabbed him a number of times.”


From the Daily Mail:

“The former British champion fell-runner, from Machynlleth, Powys, Mid Wales, used two 12cm and 13cm kitchen knives in the attack with a third blade – a bread knife – stashed in her bag.  

She viciously stabbed Mr Knibbs in the head and neck, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

Mr Knibbs, now the head of human resources and welfare at British Athletics after a stellar rugby playing career, suffered life-threatening injuries. 

He famously turned down the chance to go on tour with England to South Africa in 1984 because he opposed apartheid.

Jeska, who the court heard is autistic, lashed out at two other top UK Athletics officials, accountant Tim Begley and Kevan Taylor, when they tried to stop her.

The Daily Mail goes on to report that:

“Jeska is listed as being a member of the Yorkshire-based Todmorden Harriers Running Club on the group’s website.  She was also a second-claim member for Aberystwyth AC.

According to the site, she was the women’s English Fell Running Champion for three consecutive years between 2010-2012 and won the British Championship in 2012.”


Both the BBC and The Guardian refused to report on Jeska’s transgender status and his motive for the attack, and misreported him as being a female defendant whose motive was unknown. 

Jeska will be sentenced on November 15.


Teska. Photo credit Steve Bateson


Convicted serial rapist of children and teens becomes a transwoman in prison and is now arrested again for trying to get naked photos of young girl.

He’s also a trans activist who gives advice on how to know if you should transition 

Transgender paedophile jailed for attacking girls and boys is caught getting photos of one victim ‘blown-up’ bigger

Amateur photographer Nicola Florida, 50, served eight years for a series of sexual offences against kids – and taking indecent pics of some of them – when she was a man called Ross

A transgender paedophile – who attacked young boys and girls – has been caught trying to get obscene photos of one of her victims ‘blown-up’ bigger after being freed from jail .

Amateur photographer Nicola Florida, 50, served eight years for a string of sexual offences on children – and taking indecent pictures of some of them.

The offences took place when she was a man called Ross Florida – when she was subsequently banned from possessing a camera and having or taking photographs of any children aged under 16.

But a court heard that Florida – who switched to start using a woman’s name while in prison four years ago – breached the order after being released last year.

Florida took a strip of four negatives to a photo shop in Somerset to be developed into larger 16″ x 4″ prints.

The ‘uncomfortable’ assistant spotted that they showed a naked young girl aged around ten posing for the camera and called the police.

Nicola Florida was caught trying to get some photos made of a victim (Photo: SWNS)

Officers searched Florida’s home and discovered three cameras and more photos of the girl who was one of the victims she had been previously jailed over.

Prosecutor Emma Lenanton said: “There should be no misunderstanding of the order that was imposed for very serious offences and there should be no doubt how important it was to adhere to those prohibitions.

“Also, the number of cameras found, and the fact that she was wanting to print the photos, is particularly serious.”

Nicola Florida – when she was a man called Ross (Photo: SWNS)

Somerset Magistrates at Yeovil heard Florida was convicted in November 2007 of rape of a boy under 16, one under 13, and raping a girl under 16.

She was also convicted of three indecent assaults of a male under 14, gross indecency with a male under 16, indecent assault of female under 14, and two counts of taking indecent photos of children.

Defending, Nigel Yeo said Florida claimed she had found innocent photos in a wallet and thought the negatives were of similar snaps.

Nicola Florida was interviewed by Somerset Live about transgender issues in September (Photo: SWNS)

He said: “She didn’t look at the negatives in great details as if she had, it was highly unlikely she would have taken them to a photographic shop and given them her name and address.”

He said the negatives had been taken before she went to prison and were in a box of old possessions she was sorting through with her father.

He added: “She was proposing giving it back to her father when he next visited and has no recollection of the other cameras.

“She knows she should have been far more careful in relation to items coming into her home, and going through them much more carefully.”

In the video she explains how she had kept her identity secret for years (Photo: SWNS)

Mr Yeo said Florida had two appointments this month at a gender identity clinic in London and was hoping to start hormones to achieve gender reassignment.

He added that Florida had also been prescribed anti-depressants and lived ‘a fairly lonely existence’.

Florida from Wells, Somerset, pleaded guilty to breaching the Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Magistrates said the offence was so serious she had to go to Taunton Crown Court to be sentenced.

They adjourned the case until next month and released Florida on unconditional bail.

The video has surfaced since the crimes came to light (Photo: SWNS)

In a video interview conducted with Somerset Live in September, Florida admitted that she had been “hiding away as a transgender for many years”.

In the feature she talks about her journey from man to woman and the life-changing operation. Somerset Live were unaware of her previous convictions.

Florida told Somerset Live: “There comes a time when you have to be one or the other, after struggling with it for it for so many years.”

She tells in the video how she had been caught dressing up by her parents at 14 – when she knew she “was totally different to everyone else” – and “caught in the dressing up box… in female stuff” when she was in junior school.

Florida added: “I thought it was time not to worry what people thought any more. I thought it was time I embrace who I am instead of hiding away.”

In a separate article that same month, Florida also gave advice to Somerset Live for its readers who think they are transgender.

Transwoman wanted for murder of 69 yr old man is horribly misgendered in press and referred to as a “male” and “cross dresser”

MASON – The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office has “exhausted most of (its) leads” in the search for who killed 69-year-old David Fluke and is now seeking the public’s help in identifying a suspect, the sheriff said.

Fluke was found dead Oct. 11 in his apartment in the Holt Heritage Village apartment complex on Willoughby Road.

During a news conference on Thursday, the Sheriff’s Office said the suspect might be a male “crossdresser” in their 20s with a medium build and pale skin. The Sheriff’s Office described the suspect as a white man with blonde hair and between 5 feet, 8 inches and 6 feet tall. Police believe the suspect might drive a black Pontiac.

The Sheriff’s Office released two sketches, both believed to be of the same suspect. One showed the suspect with short hair. The other showed the suspect with long hair.

Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth said the description of the suspect came from Fluke’s friends and neighbors who saw the two together in September and leading up to Fluke’s death, but haven’t seen the other person since.

The Sheriff’s Office said on Thursday that Fluke had been in “contact with the LGBT community and homeless/transient people in the Lansing area” and “used various social media outlets seeking male companionship.”

Wriggelsworth declined to comment on how Fluke was killed.

“It appears this was a specific incident to a specific victim,” he said when asked if there was a danger to the community. “So I don’t think so.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 517-230-3120.

Transwoman sexually assaults 15 year old who retaliates with hatchet.

This story is all messed up, youths were charged with assault with a deadly weapon and robbery but the transwoman, Ralayzia, legally known as Derrick Horton later admitted he had sexually assaulted the 15 year old boy.

“She is charged with one count of statutory sex offense and one count of indecent liberties with a child. Ralayzia was arrested Thursday night in Cincinnati, Ohio where she was staying with relatives. The extradition process to bring her to Charlotte is underway.”

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