Transwoman attacks people with an axe in a 7-11 in unprovoked attack

Can we have some reasonable gate-keeping on who gets to claim trans status already? And can offenders who are trans be clasified as trans (MTF or FTM) instead of as the biological sex they are not? And can we start building trans specific jails and prisons instead of housing violent men who identify as women with actual women? Im not holding my breath or anything but just saying.

Ok, transwoman Evie Amati, formerly known as Karl, went into a 7-11 in Australia at 2 in the morning and started attacking strangers with an axe. Karl is being reported in the news as a woman. Read about all this stupid bullshit here

Transwoman and boyfriend arrested for torturing and stabbing to death a woman who was boyfriends ex.

Daily Male reported it in it’s usual lurid style, couldn’t find more respectable publications that mentioned that one of the killers, Kayleigh Louise Woods, formerly Kyle Lockwood, was not a woman but was trans. Read the report here

Sergeant Jessica Hawkins (USA)

Male cop preys on and sexually harasses young female interns, nothing new about that #ACAB. Posting this here as Hawkins is a transactivist and there’s a category here for that with far too many submissions.

Gender Identity Watch


Sergeant Jessica Hawkins, male D.C. police officer who identifies as a transgender woman, was briefly suspended following allegations that the officer “[took] interns assigned to her unit out drinking with other MPD officers” and later showed them a “homemade video of her having sex with 4 men while she was intoxicated.”  Both interns were under the age of 21.  After admitting both allegations were true, Hawkins returned to active duty, including leading the department’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender liaison unit.

The D.C. police department released the following statement regarding Sergeant Hawkins:

“Following misconduct allegations, Sergeant Jessica Hawkins was the focus of a recent internal affairs investigation. That investigation has concluded and the findings are currently with the MPD’s disciplinary review division. The DRD will review and determine an appropriate penalty. Throughout the investigation, Sergeant Hawkins remained in her current assignment and is still widely considered a valuable MPD team member in…

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Man who tortured and murdered a transwoman in 2002 now is a “woman” in prison and suing for ‘treatment of gender dysphoria’ in federal court.

Walter Moore murdered Connie Gagliardi, a transwoman, in 2002, “Connie Gagliardi, 41, whose body was found by a bow hunter in the Rachel Carson Refuge in Saco on Sept. 7, 2002. She was tied between two trees with her wrists and throat cut.”

Now is 2016 Moore calls himself Nikki Natasha and is suing for treatment of gender dysphoria and for financial compensation.

Transwoman and convicted pedophile identifies as a 5 year old girl and asks to be called “she” in court. Are there any laws that prevent him from claiming trans status and legally changing gender and name? Nope.

Paedophile who kissed a child insists he’s a five-year-old girl and brought doll to court

Jorven Seren has been jailed for 15 months (Picture: National)

Transwoman accused of rape violently misgendered in press.


Picture from here

Alexander Doering and Jeremiah Horsfall-Steinbrenner of Frontenac Missouri have been accused of luring a woman to their home under the false pretense of repairing her computer, threatening her with torture and then raping her and recording a video of her rape.

One of the accused rapists is identified in the press as a man named Alexander Doering. This appears to be a gross violation of Doering’s gender identity. Alyssa Renée Horsfall-Steinbrenner is on Facebook and identifies themselves as “she”, living in Frontenac Missouri and “In a relationship with Jeremy Horsfall-Steinbrenner“.


Above photo from Alyssa Renée Horsfall-Steinbrenner‘s public Facebook page

It appears that the press has both dead named and violently misgendered Alyssa Renée Horsfall-Steinbrenner by referring to them as a man called Alexander Doering as can be seen in here:

“Alexander Doering and Jeremiah Horsfall-Steinbrenner recorded the attack at their trailer in Frontenac after the woman was taken there “under false pretenses,” she told police, according to the Post-Dispatch.

The woman had gone to their trailer to get her computer fixed, according to the newspaper. Doering and Horsfall-Steinbrenner threatened to torture her if she didn’t have sex with them, she reportedly told police.

As they threatened her, they showed her handcuffs, a pitcher of water and a towel, according to the charges obtained by the newspaper.

The suspects also allegedly changed the password on the woman’s phone.

Doering recorded the brutal attack on Horsfall-Steinbrenner’s phone, the paper reported. She got away from the men when they feel asleep.”

What a tragedy, another violent rapist misgendered and dead named in the press.

Man poisons female room mate, tries to murder two men while in prison and decides to transition to be a “woman” in jail.

Edward Latham, also known as Edward Adam Brown, was first received a life sentence for attempting to poison and kill his female room mate with mercury in 2001.  In 2007, he received another life sentence after trying to kill another prisoner at HMP Frankland in County Durham and in 2011 he was given another life sentence for trying to kill a fellow prisoner by stabbing him in the neck while being held at Rampton, a secure psychiatric hospital in north Nottinghamshire.

In the summer of 2015, Lathan decided to become a “woman” and changed his name to Joanne Latham. Latham was housed in a close supervision centre (CSC) in a unit for men as there are not any CSC units for women. In November of 2015, Latham committed suicide while in prison and was used as “proof” by some trans activists as to why men who ID as women should be housed with women.

This page feels that all prisoners should be safely housed while in prison and be free from abuse but utterly disagrees that violent men should be allowed to change legal gender marker and name nor should they be housed with incarcerated women..